5 Alternatives to Time-Wasting Meetings
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    These are great ideas for busy executives. Believe me; sometimes I feel my day is one big meeting.

    This article by Dustin Wax gives 5 tips to use as alternative to meetings. I call it meeting planning. Yes, we need meetings, but sometimes people just want to meet for the sake of meeting. Or they want to meet to ask a question or two you already answered 10 times or to 10 different people.

    -Instant Mesanging
    -Email Lists / Groups
    -Collaboration Applications

    My favorite is Collaboration Applications. I’ve worked with them for 10 years now and it saves me time in meetings and tasks. This way when someone asks for a meeting first they check their tasks in the collaboration software!

    These are great alternatives… Read the article, it lists examples and has links to resources:  http://www.lifehack.org/articles/management/5-alternatives-to-time-wasting-meetings.html

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