About Jorge Olson!

I’m a writer, thinker, family man and eternal teenager.

In business I’m a social entrepreneur and like to incubate businesses in the USA, Mexico and Latin America.

My published books are “The Unselfish Guide to Self Promotion” and “Build Your Beverage Empire” and collaborated on “Stand Apart” and “Successanomics”.  I’m working on 3 new books; two are fiction one is non fiction.

After all the combined experiences of my young life I now want to help others achieve their dreams.

I’m a “black and white” fellow, trying to live my life with no shades of gray.

I was born in Tijuana, Mexico and grew up with a great school and home education but no electricity or running water (go figure!).  Today I reside in San Diego, California where I read, write and mentor every single day.

' I’m a writer, thinker, family man and eternal teenager. '

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Jorge Olson “My professional and business Life!”

I started my professional life as a software and management consultant first in Western Europe before moving to the USA as CEO of US Operations at 27 years of age.  Since then I’ve been at C-Level positions of private and publicly traded company in the USA and Mexico.

The entrepreneurship bug has always been there, and I’ve developed more than 1,000 consumer packaged goods including beverages, nutraceuticals and other CPG.  Have consulted for Hedge Funds, Mutual Funds and other institutional investors on CPG, the beverage industry and investing in Mexico.

Today I concentrate on a few interesting business projects with social impact; mostly in Mexico and Latin America. I also started Promocave.com, a platform for books and authors.

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My Projects

I try to keep myself busy! I’m always involved in a few project including business, non-profits and writing.  Contact me if you’re interested in any of my projects or would like me to take a look at yours.

Here are some of the projects I’m working on:

Business Ventures:

  • Mexico and Latin America investment fund. Investing in emerging companies to take them public in the USA stock exchanges.
  • Consumer Products Incubator: a consumer packaged goods incubator launching products and selling them at retail.
  • Promocave.com = Social Platform for book authors with 90,000 authors subscribed and waiting

My Books:

  • Build Your Beverage Empire = Top 1% of all books. Best seller in business, marketing and start-up categories.
  • The Unselfish Guide to Self Promotion = Book on self-promotion and social prosperity!
  • Wholesale MBA = Working on it – How to sell your products to wholesalers, retailers and consumers.
  • Tijuana Hustle = Working on it – Fiction Novel on the Tijuana drug trade and international ties to crime and conspiracies.
  • Earth Giants = Working on it – Science Fiction novel taking place from the year 2,500 to 5,000.


  • Shoulders of Giants Foundation = a non profit organization helping underprivileged children in Mexico with education, coaching, love and support.

Please contact me for any business opportunities, media inquiries or interviews HERE


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