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Effective Ways to Build Self-Esteem in Children

As parents, one of the main things we need to do is boost up and build our children’s self-esteem level. We need to teach our children to have a strong sense of self worth, both in themselves and in their talents. This can be difficult to do because as parents we need to give them ’space’ to find out certain things on their own and yet be there to guide them along the way too.

If we show a certain level of disinterest, giving them too much freedom, then that can lead to rebellion but if we are too strict, then that can also lead to problems and hinder them from developing independently.

Self-esteem can be encouraged and developed anytime in a persons life, that is why it’s always good to begin early with your children, so they will learn to trust in their abilities and talents. There are several things that parents can do to help develop a healthy self-esteem in their children.

1. Teach self-affirming statements

Have them stand in front of a mirror and say what a great person they are, or you can begin for them as they look at themselves in the mirror, until they get comfortable doing it by themselves. It may seem childish, but it works, and even some adults do it in order to boost their confidence for the upcoming day or event. You don’t even have to stick to the mirror process. Or you, can create your own as long as you stick to the basic, which is the saying words that are used in building self-esteem.

Create a mantra that your child can easily remember, one that goes to a familiar tune they already know. When they get up in the morning, you can sing the mantra to your child and have them sing one to you. The mantra should be about each other; such as saying I love you in the morning or telling each other how great the other is.

You can be creative, by showing your love and acceptance you can never go wrong. Feel free to come up with even more songs, or poems; as long as they encourage your child in what makes them so special.

2. The Positive Trait Game

Another activity that you can do with your child, that will not only boost their self-esteem, but also help in building his or her vocabulary, is the positive trait game. In this game, you will each tell each other the positive traits that one sees in the other. The catch is that the trait should start in a specific letter of the alphabet.

The positive trait game is a wonderful way to teach your kid to think positive thoughts and to acknowledge the traits and talents that make him or her unique. The more often you play this game together, the better chances they will always remember it and the good qualities they have, that they can be grateful for.

3. Do activities that they love

It is good to introduce new activities to them so they can find out which ones they enjoy and feel they are good at. One great way to do this, is through summer programs, where they have all kinds of things for kids to do. For instance, if he is good with drawing and crayons, it does not mean that he will not be good in music. It’s ok if they don’t like something at first, you may just need to encourage them to try it for a few more weeks to make sure.

Either way, if they really don’t want to continue, at least they were able to try something new and learn a little about it. Helping them discover the things that they love to do and the things that they are good at is a great way to boost your childs self esteem in the younger years of life. After all, when children are enjoying what they are doing, they become very enthusiastic and they are open to developing their skills further.


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