Is Jeff Bezos of Inventing the Flying Car?

Jeff Bezos Will Soon Ship Us a Drone, Delivered by a Drone


The Jeff Bezos interview was a great 60 minutes CBS report on 12/1/13.  It showed the sophisticated logistic center (AMZN) now has as well as the new drone project for delivery.

Talk about a disruptive technology. Where most new entrepreneurs would like to think they’re disrupting something, they are really not. The word disruptive is highly coveted by new entrepreneurs and investors of both the public and private sectors, to see one of the best examples of disruptive technology let’s look at what Mr. Bezos has done at his company…

Jeff Bezos changed the way we buy books by offering online buying of books, he changed the way we read books by inventing, marketing and ensuring adoption of Kindle, he changed the publishing world with print on demand and he’s putting companies out of business that did not except, or where fast enough to react to his business model.  Wait, he’s not done. He also created the largest on-line store for anything from shoes (Amazon owns to clothing, electronics, toys, and now fresh groceries in two major cities.  So what’s next?  Well, let’s change the logistics and transportation world while we’re at it.

Much of the future of logistics in the USA will be done with drones such as the multi-copter and helicopter. These drones are autonomous, there’s not human driver behind a big screen maneuvering the drone and landing it on your front door. The flying machine does this by its own.

Can you imagine the transportation implication this will show? might bring us our firs flying car, but that’s not all, it might bring us an intelligent flying car, one that you don’t drive, one that gets you to your destination on its own.

For long term distances humans are already using plane-like drones, as mentioned in the book Abundance by Steven Kotler and futurist Peter Diamanis.  You might associate drones with military strikes in Afghanistan and Iraq, well don’t.  Drones are also doing plenty of good, especially in third world countries, as they are used for transportation of critical equipment and parts needed for communication, for medical use, to repair water pumps and other uses that will improve the lives of many people.

I’ll take a Kindle and a Drone with next day delivery please!


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