Beverage Investment Webinar

Join the Beverage Investment Webinar for Private and Public Equity


The beverage investment webinar is on December 18 2013.


I’ll be hosting a beverage investment webinar next week. The webinar is for public equity and private equity institutional investors and angel investors.

The goal of the beverage investment event is to arm investors with the right tools to use when evaluating beverage investment prospects and entrepreneurs.

This is not a financial analysis webinar as we go beyond the numbers and into strategy, threats, business models, distribution channels and what companies both big and start-ups need to do to stay on top.

We’ll also cover the top questions from the largest institutional investors in the beverage industry. These are questions they asked me in other, private engagements evaluating companies like Monster Beverage Corp. NASDAQ: MNST, Coca Cola Enterprises, The Coca-Cola Company NYSE: KO, PepsiCo, Inc. NYSE: PEP, Dr Pepper Snapple Group Inc. NYSE: DPS,  REEDS, Inc. (REED) or Jones Soda Co. (JSDA).

The call is for institutional investors like Hedge Funds, Mutual Funds, Private Offices, Portfolio Managers and more.



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