Funnel Marketing =
80% of Your Marketing

From Promotion to Lead Capture, Follow Up, Sell and Up-Sell


Join Jorge Olson for an evening of online marketing, sales exploration, and funnel development.

If you would like to grow your company exponentially, raise capital or position yourself as an industry expert this event is for you.  

You’ll have plenty of time to ask questions, explore business models and truly understand the power of the funnel and how it applies to you and to your business.



The event is from 6 to 9 PM on Wednesday the 24th of August, 2016
In Bonita Sunnyside Library, 4375 Bonita Road Bonita, CA 91902

You’ll cover everything from what software to use, how to host your page, why you need a squeeze, sales copy, and how to get monster traffic to your site.  You want more sales, more leads, and you know you need more marketing… Or do you?  Before you spend one dollar or one minute on social media, networking events or internet marketing you need to have your Funnel 100% Ready.  Your funnel is eighty percent of the effort. If it’s not done correctly you are wasting your time and your money.

Here are some of the topics for the event:

Marketing Strategy

  • Write your marketing funnel plan in ten minutes
  • Target your perfect customer
  • Follow up and conversion
  • Is it about the sales copy?
  • Cost of acquisition of customers

Marketing Technology

  • Hosting, websites, and platforms
  • WordPress or not? The best templates & plugs
  • Video and audio software
  • Email software, funnel software and what not to use

Funnel Hacks

  • Tools, tricks, hacks and what not to do
  • Get your sales copy done fast
  • Best follow-up strategy
  • We test every single tool… what works?

Get Monster Traffic

  • Where to get your web traffic
  • Social media funnel traffic
  • Getting traffic that buys products
  • Cost of Traffic

Don’t miss the opportunity to discover a new way to get more leads and grow your business, buy your tickets here


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