Get Funded by Going Public with or without an IPO

Get Funded by Going Public with or without an IPO

Join me for the most important Funding Event of the year.  I’ll be there speaking on the emerging market expert panel.


Learn how and why to go public in the USA stock markets, what to expect, how much it costs, and how much you can raise in capital. Meet the greatest minds and the most important legal, accounting and investment companies one-on-one in this incredible three-day event.


What are the top 2 reasons for going public in the USA stock markets?


  1. Getting Funding
  2. Buying Companies with Stock

The 3-Day expo is on April 12, 13 and 14 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA at Caesars Palace.


Join the largest congregation of institutional investment bankers in the USA in Las Vegas for a three-day event. Some of the companies assisting include:

  • Roth Capital
  • Maxim Capital
  • National Securities
  • Ladenburg Thalmann
  • Chardan Capital Markets
  • Aegis Capital Corp.
  • Cantor Fitzgerald
  • OTC Markets Group
  • Merriman Capital


The first day you can discover “What it Takes to be a Public Company CEO” with an information packed Boot Camp.


Day 1: Public Company Boot Camp:

Learn how to go public and the benefits of going public: How to start, regulations, benefits, raising capital and more.


Day 2: Conference and Seminars

Meet Investors, Attend Seminars and Networking Events.


Day 3: Conference and Seminars

Meet Investors, Attend Seminars and Networking Events.


Visit the agenda website to see the entire schedule and speakers:


You have the option of joining us for the ‘Going Public Boot Camp’, however, we recommend staying for the entire conference. I’ll be there speaking about the growth market potential of Mexico and how Mexican companies are looking to go public in the USA stock exchanges. You even have the opportunity to present your company to investors. If you’re an institutional or an accredited investor, please contact me for a special invitation to attend.


To see everything this conference has to offer, visit the agenda page, browse the website and then register. Make sure to buy your air tickets with time and book your hotel room in advance. It will be a busy week in Las Vegas! Caesars has the best rates with rooms going for $179/night. Book your accommodations for the event here: VENUE


If you’re going please let me know so we can meet and chat during the conference and networking events.  I’ll be happy to introduce you to all my contacts.


The “Going Public” Boot Camp is only $495. If you would like to stay the entire three days I have a special discount only available to my subscribers to save 50% of the entire conference. If you would like to stay use code GCE50 and pay only $747.50 for the entire conference.


Again, the 1 day Going Public Boot Camp is $495

The 3 day investment conference is $747.50 using promo code GCE50


Here is the link again:

Thank You,


Jorge S. Olson

Cell: (619) 852 6942


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