Give me your ideas on “How to Be Unselfish”

It is never too late or too early to be unselfish.  It does not matter how much money you have, or you lack, your social status, political inclination or geographical location.

Unselfishness is a matter of personal preference. 

Please HELP!  Be part of this Social Experiment and help me list 1001 ways of being unselfish.  I will publish the most popular ideas and contributions in my next book with full credits to you.

I will also publish this list in my blog to get more people to contribute and build our list larger, and faster.  Feel free to also upload photos or videos and link to them from this discussion or let me know about them so I can upload them as a post.

Especially now, we are seeing the recoil from selfishness, greed and ego.  Let’s start turning the dial to the unselfish, the charitable, the all inclusive.

Together we can make a small difference, and bring people to an unselfish, helpful state of mind.  

Ideas on being unselfish:

-Money Donations

-Other Charity








-Donations from businesses

-In government


Ways of contributing:








Tell me your stories, your ideas, your thoughts, your poems, your songs. 

Please invite your friends and family to contribute.  We need 1001 contributions.



Jorge Olson

“Unselfish Promotion”


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