How to Close $100,000 in Business With LinkedIn Using 4 Quick Steps

Learn how to get 5,000 + contacts quickly to help get a great job, expand your business or close $100,000 worth of new business

Last week we awarded a $100,000 deal to a company who posted a question on LinkedIn. They didn’t even contact us. They just used one of the 4 steps we will list here today. LinkedIn has 25 million members. Learn how to tap this great Web 2.0 Social Network Resource.

We were also contacted by another firm looking for $800,000 worth of powdered baby formula. All this came after adding almost 4,000 people to my network with a reach of more than 35 million people in just a few weeks.   Find more ways to be an expert at self promotion wiht the book

I recently started using, a professional social network. For the first few months I just joined and had my 20 contacts, then 40, then 50 and got stuck at 50 contacts. Most of these contacts I uploaded myself.

I didn’t really understand the power of LinkedIn or what the big deal was. After all, you can’t invite people you don’t know. You can only invite your contacts and try to make contacts with people they know. For example, if you are looking for a job and one of your contacts knows the hiring manager at the place you want to work, you can ask your contact for an introduction. That’s very helpful but I’m an entrepreneur, I haven’t been an employee in many years.

Here I sat on my LinkedIn account with no activity. No new contacts and no activity. Then we decided we were going to look for Venture Capital for our new age beverage business, Liquid Brands Management, and for some reason I went to LinkedIn and typed in “Venture Capital” in the search box. Wow! I got more than 500 connections. How can this be? I only have 50 people in my network. Well, turns out that one of my connections knows one venture capitalist. And that one person has a decent network of venture capitalists, and those people know more people, so now I had access to all these new people.

Now I could see the real power of LinkedIn. The problem was I could not ask one person to introduce me to 500 people. I needed to learn how to grow my network, how to have people in my network, how to be connected directly with everyone. I found out how to do that and more! I also added people to my mailing lists, people that asked to be part of my list that came from LinkedIn. Wow, I was able to do this after only a few weeks…

Here are 4 Quick Steps to Supercharging Your LinkedIn Network.

1: Be an Open Networker
An Open Networker accepts invitations and wants to grow their network. They accept invitations to connect from anyone. This sounds very simple but it is not. Many people are still afraid of networking online. This defeats the purpose of growing your LinkedIn network. To be an open networker make sure you:
-Complete your profile and add your photo, websites, interests and business experience
-List your email in your profile as this will allow people to invite you to their network
-Write “Open Networker – All Invites Welcome” so people are not afraid of adding you to their contacts
-See my profile as an example and invite me to join your network. You’ll have access to all my contacts

2: Join the Open Network Group on LinkedIn
-Join at  
-This group will keep you up to date on all groups that have open networks
-You will receive lists of thousands of open networkers helping you grow your network
-It will send you tips and tricks on how to use your network in your job, for marketing and business.

3: Join 50 Groups
-LinkedIn allows you to join 50 different groups
-Each group can have hundreds or thousands of users
-When you join a group you have access to all of the groups’ contact information
-Participate in discussions at least once per month. They are emailed to all members giving thousands of eyeballs
-You make it easier for more people to find you and invite you to connect

4: Ask Questions
-LinkedIn has an “Answers” section where you can ask questions or answer them on every topic you can imagine
-These questions are visible to thousands of people interested in your topic
-LinkedIn members can answer your questions and email you directly
-More people find you and ask you to connect

These 4 super easy steps will send you on your way to LinkedIn Social Networking success. You will grow your network with people in your field of interest or business, make relationships, and use LinkedIn for your Job, for marketing or to get more business.

If you would like to be an expert of self promotion read my book “The Unselfish Guide to Self Promotion” and you will supercharge your career, your business and your life.  Visit it at 

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This is a link to my network in LinkedIn. Add me as a connection and you’ll have access to all my contacts

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