Jorge Olson Speaks at Superconference on LinkedIn Marketing

Speaker Jorge Olson

LinkedIn Marketing: Discover The “Growth Hacks” That Could Boost Your Business— Straight From Fellow Entrepreneurs And Members Who Practice What They Preach …

Join me at the GKIC Superconference. I’ll speak on the Extra Day on LinkedIn Marketing: Sunday. Stay on Sunday to learn how to use LinkedIn marketing and self promotion. How to build incredible mailing lists of 30,000 targeted prospects and how to become an industry leader followed by over 100,000 prospects.


Superconference is from April 6 to 8 with the special day April 9. This special day is for Marketing and Sales experts and overachieving entrepreneurs. This is when I speak!

Hope you see you there. I’ll be in on Wednesday and will leave on Sunday. We also have a booth at the event where you can come chat on Growth Hacks and super growth.

Register here to Superconference:

Speaker Jorge Olson on LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn Marketing at Superconference with Speaker Jorge Olson



The GKIC SuperConference is THE place where experience, wisdom and the best fortune-making, security-defining and life-liberating tools and strategies come together.

Best part: This year, we are focused solely on “growth hacks”…little things you can do for your business that can summon a spark of growth in your business. And we invited REAL implementers to show us what’s working “in the trenches” for their businesses—no wannabe entrepreneurs here!

LinkedIn Marketing Growth Hacks with Jorge Olson

LinkedIn Marketing with speaker Jorge Olson



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