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The GON LinkedIn group is the center of all Open Networks Groups on LinkedIn. You will be up to date on all other open network groups and open networkers so you can get the most out of your LinkedIn Professional Network. As you know LinkedIn is the leading Web 2.0 or Social Media site for professionals.

This is an Open Network on LinkedIn for people who want to fill up their network and learn how to use LinkedIn for business and marketing.

What is an Open Network?
An open network on LinkedIn is filled with members who are open to all invitations. Members of this group will not refuse or say they don’t know a member. If you as a member choose not to accept a specific connection just “archive it” and you are done.

Membership is FREE for all and the benefits and immense.

Group Benefits
-Fill your network with thousands of connections
-You will get lists of other open networkers
-Get free Videos to learn how to be a LinkdeIn power user
-News on every single Open Group on LinkedIn so you know what groups to join to get the most connections
-Teleseminars to learn even more on LinkedIn business and marketing

GON – Global Open Network is an Open Network for Business & Marketing on LinkedIn. This Group is the most important part of your LinkedIn experience because it will keep you up to date on everything that is LinkedIn. I will send you lists with hundreds and even thousands of open networkers, information on how to add more people, close business, even find a job on LinkedIn. You will also receive podcasts, articles and videos on how to use LinkedIn for business and marketing.

Join the LinkedIn Group “Open Network for Business & Marketing” at

Lists of Networkers
Every 2 weeks you will get a list of all the members of the group who are open networkers and are want to accept all invitations. You can upload this list to your LinkedIn account and send invitations immediately.

Remember, besides being a Global Open Network this group is also an active Business and Marketing network helping users do business and get jobs on LinkedIn. Furthermore, it is an educational group showing you the best strategies on how to use LinkedIn.



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