How to Preview Your Book on LinkedIn


Let’s go over how to Preview Your Book on LinkedIn
I noticed most authors are not using LinkedIn to preview their books. I don’t get it!
This is a free tool that allows you to get traffic, sell books, and get business from your books. If you have a fiction book you’ll grow your author platform.
Remember this: “Go to Facebook for Likes, Go to LinkedIn for Sales”. LinkedIn members are 2X more likely to buy your book or product than Facebook, Google+ and Twitter combined… Wow!
How do you do it? Don’t worry, I set up a sample for you to copy.  Just go to and see what I did.
You’ll find that I just pasted about 1,000 from my book “The Latino Vote: The Future of American Politics” and added some images I created in PowerPoint in five minutes. That is it. In the first five minutes I got an invitation to connect from a CNN Producer covering the election. I’ll send him a free book!
It’s very simple.
1. You Post an excerpt from your book. 500 to 1000 words.
2. Use graphics. Get them free online or make them in PowerPoint like me.
3. Enter the correct keywords at the end to be found (hashtags)
4. Include your book photo
5. Write an author biography
6. If your book is available, link to
7. If your book is not available, offer a free copy when it is done
After you do this come back to the Book and Writers group on LinkedIn and post your link inviting others to comment. This is “Marketing Karma”. If they help you, others will help them.  For one count me in for a like and a comment to boost your engagement!
Again, just copy what I did in this example:
Do this every week or at least twice per month. Just copy paste parts of your book.
Jorge Olson
Group Admin

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