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Blogging is “The Other Platform”. It is a must have for all public speakers both professionals and amateurs.

If you are a starting public speaker or professional keynote speaker you know the value of presentation, speaking and communication. Maybe you make your living as a speaker or maybe you are a toastmaster wanting to better yourself and your communication skills. Ether way you are telling others about your ideas, your point of view, and your stories.

With a blog, you are doing the same thing. You are telling the world about yourself, your ideas, and your stories. It is a must for any public speaker.

If you are a professional keynote speaker a blog is the second most important tool to get business besides your speeches. Get your core message across, find new readers, get customers for your books and products, let people communicate with you and create a relationship by reading about you.
Best Blog Software
Now, what software should you use for your blog? This is an easy question. The best software out there is WordPress and you can download it for free at This software is easy to use and will get you traffic (and it is FREE). The search engines like it and will list every blog post very quickly. Word of caution, don’t use the hosted version, host it yourself with your hosting company. If you don’t know how just go to and they will install it for you and give you 1 year of hosting all for $77. Why host it yourself? If you don’t all that traffic will go to waste, you have to bring traffic to your website, your blog, not just to the WordPress site.
Don’t forget to upload videos to your blog. You can record them in your house or in your toastmaster meetings. If you are a professional record them live during your keynotes. After this you can upload them for free to and then copy paste them to your blog. It’s all free.

Best Directories of Blogs on Public Speaking

The Public Speaking Blog
Follow this link to find a list of the 10 most influential bloggers on public speaking. It is a great resource and directory.

Great Public Speaking  
This includes the largest collection of articles on public speaking, and they are all free.

Six Minutes – A Public Speaking Blog  
Directory of 106 blogs all on Public Speaking. The best directory in town!


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