Selling by Numbers

Keynote Speaking and Seminars… “If Selling is an art, it’s painting by numbers”. Everyone sells; we sell at home, in school, as a brother, a parent, a child. We sell at work, with the family, everywhere. Every time we communicate and try to make a point we’re selling.Selling is nothing more than a specific way of communicating your point. Learn key human communication skills and techniques and you’re a great sales person, you are an artist. Nobody knows you are painting by numbers!

From sales training to sales best practices, find out how to use the proper methodology to sell more of your product.

Start with the lead process and lead quality, follow it with lead management and qualification and take it to product presentation and positioning. Yes, and the very important close and follow up service. Find the best tools for your salespeople, the different ways to sell your products or services, and how customers relate and use them.

Time and time again I’ve heard that “selling is an art”. If selling is art, it is “painting by numbers”. Contact me about sales consulting or a keynote speech, workshop or conference.

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