Top 7 Tip-offs That You’re Getting a Little Paranoid!

How paranoid are you? We’re all a little paranoid, maybe we don’t know it, maybe we don’t think it, but we are. Are we taking it too far? Is it out of control?

Here are 7 tip-offs to watch for that will let you know if you are getting a little paranoid. Or maybe “a lot” paranoid. By the way, I have all 7!

1. You teach your children anti-kidnapping strategies, and you practice them with weekly drills

2. You always stay 10 feet away form the car in front of you in a stop light “ready to make a quick gateway” because you think they’ll come and kidnap you or carjack you

3. When you drive your car you look at your rear view mirror and wonder “Is That Car Following Me?”

4. You rather walk in the middle of the street than in the sidewalk just in case someone is hiding behind a parked car or corner “ready to get you”

5. You look both ways before you cross the street, 3 times each way!

6. While in a restaurant you always want to sit with your back to a wall and face the door because you want to see who comes in and how you can quickly get out

7. Your afraid of the crooks and you’re even more afraid of the cops

I was born and raised in Tijuana, Mexico, one of the most dangerous cities in the world according to Forbes magazine. These 7 points are more like strategies than tip-offs if you grew up there!


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