What a change! From CEO to Poet

I’m so excited today as my first book is completed: “The Unselfish Guide to Self Promotion”. Let me tell you how it all started…When I was 12 years old I decided I wanted to be a writer. I used to write every day. Mostly I wrote poetry but wanted to write short stories with deep emotional meaning. I wanted to communicate change, truth, happiness. As time passed everybody told me I could not be a writer, I’d be better off as a doctor, an architect or an executive. Writers, after all, don’t make any money.

At that age I did not really care much about money, I cared about changing the world, about communicating emotions, motivating, and calling people to participate in social change. Yes, I was an idealistic teenager!

By now I did not just want to be a writer; I also wanted to be a missionary. I’ve been involved in missionary and social work for years and really enjoyed it.

Later on I realized that to help my family I needed to make some money. We lived in Tijuana, Mexico with no running water and no electricity. I realized it was irresponsible to just think of myself, my writing, and not my family. So I decided to put my writing and missionary work aside and study business to make money and help out in my household. I was 16 years old.

So I studied business and made it to CEO of a software company at 28 years of age. Later on I started a couple of businesses and sold them, I did consulting and was involved in many other business ventures. Now, at 37, I came full circle. It’s now time for me to write.

My first book is finished. It is a motivational, inspirational and self help book all rolled up in one. It is called “The Unselfish Guide to Self Promotion”. It will change your attitude towards life, family, even business.

You will learn how to be a master of self promotion and self marketing, how to sell yourself and raise your value. Now, with that said, it is not a sales book, it is a self help and motivational book. Why? Because before teaching you these powerful marketing techniques you also have to learn when and how to use them, and most importantly, how to use them to help others, not just for your own benefit.

I posted my book up on the website http://www.UnselfishPromotion.com  for pre-sale at $13.97. This is a discounted price with free shipping because it is a pre-sale. The book will be in print next month and sold in bookstores at regular price.

There is also a video with an introduction of the book at http://www.unselfishpromotion.com/video.html  that goes over the principles of “Unselfish Promotion” in only 7 minutes. The video also covers “Caveman Promotion” and how the world of promotion was invented.

This is the first of many books. I’m already working on 2 more books that are more on the business side. I’m also working on children’s books… but this one, the first one, the unselfish one, consolidates a view that is of utmost importance, especially in these economic times. It poses deep ethical questions of yourself and others, questions that we have to ask not just ourselves but our politicians and business executives (especially in banking).

So participate in the “Unselfish Self-Promotion” world, read the new book, tell me how you feel about the book, and how we can apply the ideas and principles of the book. Find it at http://www.UnselfishPromotion.com

Jorge Olson




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