What is Your Website Traffic?

Online Self Promotion

Do you know what your daily, weekly, or monthly traffic is for websites and blogs? If you don’t you should not have a website. Why do I say that? One of the main purposes of having a website is for some kind of promotion; for Self Promotion, marketing, selling a product, service or company. The rule of marketing is “If you can’t track it, it’s not marketing”. So if you don’t know how much traffic you get and where it comes from you are not doing marketing, so, turn your website off!

I say this with a smile, as today was a breakthrough in one of my blogs. My www.LinkedInForMarketing.com blog received 905 visitors yesterday after only 2 months of operations. I may beat that number today but I’m not sure. Yes, I know where the traffic comes from, almost every single visitor. This way I can replicate the marketing efforts.

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