I have performed keynotes, workshops, and consulting with SAB Miller, Schlumberger, Alacer, Chevron, Prudential, McGraw Hill, Bear Stearns, World Health Organization, Proctor & Gamble, Standard & Poor’s, Global Marketing Services, and more.

I love to teach and offer online courses and group masterminds. I mentor one-on-one, small mastermind groups, and large organizations.

Valuable Courses


Marketing Mastery is the last marketing course you will ever need. It is a six-week course offering the tools you need to build your own platform and become an industry leader and trusted expert in your industry. Topics to be covered include defining your Avatar, Unique Value Proposition (UVP), Unique Selling Proposition (USP), Secret Sales Formula, Strategy, Negotiation, Customer Journey, Marketing and Positioning Tools and a lot more.


This course is about making money. You can do this by getting more distributors, retailers, partners, exporters & end-users…