Book Review: Is The Martian Book Worth Reading?

Jorge Olson

January 23, 2023

This is my book review for The Martian by Andy Weir.

It is about an astronaut from NASA that gets stranded on the planet Mars. His name is Mark and he needs to figure out how to survive on Mars by himself. When I first learned about the book The Martian, I did not read it. 

I thought it was going to be another book about Martians invading Earth. And I thought to myself, yeah, we don’t need more spaceships coming from Mars and invading Earth. With all of the planets that we have, with all of the stars that we have, with all of the solar systems all over the universe, why do we have to have more Martians? So I stayed away for a little while thinking that the book was about Martians invading Earth. Well, it’s not. 

The book is about Mark, our protagonist, and how he got stranded while on a mission to Mars. So now Mark is on Mars. He doesn’t know what to do. He’s completely alone. He has a rover, so he can get around Mars. 

He remembers that other missions left some supplies. So he needs to figure out where is he going to live, and produce oxygen. He needs someplace to live to survive. He also has no communication whatsoever with Houston, Homebase, NASA, his friends, or anybody else. He doesn’t have any food or very little food and very little water. 

So he needs to figure out how he will produce food and water with the very few tools that he has. And this is where it starts getting very interesting and he turns into a sort of MacGyver in space because, with the tools, he starts developing ways to survive. The Martian is a very good book and I recommend it. I’m a very, very picky science fiction fan and science fiction reader. And I give the Martian five stars. 

I liked the protagonist the most. He is funny. He will make you laugh. He will entertain you throughout the book. The book is also inspirational, not just funny and entertaining. 

If you’re going to read the book, it’s 387 pages.

What I did was I listened to the book on audio and the audio production is excellent. The narration is excellent. The voice and the characters, the portrayal of the characters, it’s also very well done. The audio is 11 hours. 

And what I did is I downloaded it on Audible and it was very good quality. It was audible to my phone.

Book Details: 

Author: Andy Weir 

Hardcover: 387 pages 

Publisher: February 11, 2014, by Crown

ISBN: 9780804139021 

ISBN10: 0804139024

About the Reviewer 

Jorge S. Olson is the author of “Build Your Beverage Empire, Third Edition,” A new edition book that helps you create a Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) and beverage company. It touches on topics from getting investment for your company, business modeling, and beverage development to sales and distribution.   


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