Book Review: Made to Stick “Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die. By Chip Heath and Dan Heath

Jorge Olson

January 12, 2023

Do you want to learn the power of storytelling? 

Start with the book Made to Stick and discover the power of storytelling and how to be a master communicator.

Chip Heath and Dan Heath

The authors explain each point of what makes an idea stick with stories and case studies of urban legends, short stories, lectures, even products, and memorable advertising campaigns.   

The premise of this book is storytelling. It explains why some ideas, concepts, and points of view are forgotten, and some are remembered.  Why does this happen?  How does it happen?  Is it coincidence, or is there something in common for memorable or “sticky” ideas? 

Storytelling has recently come back as a trend for corporate and marketing communications. It’s not new; it’s been around since language of any kind was invented or discovered. Before writing, maybe even before speaking, our ancestors remembered things about their environment with stories. Before written language was recorded, stories were passed from storyteller to audience, family, or friends for thousands of years. The same happened with religion and history, or pre-history. It’s relevant to businesses because corporations tend to talk about themselves and how great they are, which is boring! Companies should instead craft their values into stories that resonate with their audience.  

The book explores many different ideas, concepts, and stories to see what they have in common, how we can learn from them, and how to apply these strategies to your ideas, stories, and even products or companies. You can use the knowledge acquired in this book for business, family, or your life. 

Learn to Be a Communication, Writing, and Marketing Master 

Who Should Read This Book? 

This book is intermediate-level reading as it requires abstract thinking and applying the book’s premise to business and life. I recommend this book to anyone as it can be used for self-improvement and general knowledge. 

How Can You Apply This Book? 

Self-Improvement / Self-Help: Your general knowledge will improve, and you will have more tools to communicate with others in daily life.   

Marketing / Advertising: Must read for anybody in marketing as you will learn how to build memorable marketing campaigns for products or companies.  In marketing, you want your ideas, concepts, and products remembered. 

Writing: It is a must-read for writers because you need to capture your reader’s attention and keep it. After this, you want your ideas remembered and talked about. 

Business Management: It is an essential book for managers of all levels, as the book will teach you how to motivate your teams in different business situations. It shows you how to motivate your team in various projects and situations.  

Family / Society: The book also applies to society and family because when you are a better communicator, when you understand others and others understand you, your social life will be easier. 

Book Details: 

Authors: Chip Heath and Dan Heath  

Hardcover: 336 pages  

Publisher: Random House; 1 edition (January 2, 2007)  

ISBN-10: 1400064287  

ISBN-13: 978-1400064281  

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About the Reviewer 

Jorge S. Olson is the author of “Build Your Beverage Empire, Third Edition,” A new edition book that helps you create a Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) and beverage company. It touches on topics from getting investment for your company, business modeling, and beverage development to sales and distribution.   


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