Jorge Olson Proves Nothing Succeeds Like Success

Jorge Olson

April 23, 2022

Jorge Olson, the co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Green Globe International, Inc. and Hempacco, Co. Inc., sent his company public under ticker symbol ggii, while writing several books, including Build Your Beverage Empire, the third edition coming out in the second quarter.

The book can act as a virtual teacher and mentor for those who want to start a new beverage or nutritional supplement company and run it profitably online and offline.

Jorge is finishing up another book, Wholesale MBA, to help entrepreneurs start and launch their consumer goods, including nutritional supplements and nutraceuticals, CBD and beauty products, from concept to selling them online and in retailers using wholesale distributors. But Jorge doesn’t just write about developing and selling consumer goods, together with his friend and partner Sandro Piancone, he’s launching new products every constantly. For example, Green Globe develops and manufactures beauty products, Cannabinoid consumer goods, and nutritional supplements. Some of the products include CBD gummies, vitamins, and skincare products. That’s not all, Hempacco, their other company, develops and manufactures herb and hemp smokables including CBD cigarettes and hemp blunt rolling papers. Hempacco is a subsidiary of Green Globe International.

Jorge has over 20 years of experience in marketing Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) into supermarkets and convenience stores in the USA and Mexico. The book details his practical experience in sales and business management to give entrepreneurs an unfair advantage over the competition.

Jorge created over 1,000 consumer-packaged goods in his 20-year career. His vast experience in marketing the FMCG into supermarkets and convenience stores in two vast markets like the USA and Mexico has given him insight on how to reach consumers on a mass scale.

His beverage book has been in print for fifteen years and it’s used by executive es and entrepreneurs, and even universities in more than five countries. The book can help business school students learn the nuances of trades, along with giving tips to those entering into the beverage business. In fact, his book Build Your Beverage Empire could be a living guide for them.

Talking about his purpose of life and passion, Jorge said: “It’s to change the world by providing the spark that others can ignite into a blaze. I want to do this by providing an example, and a roadmap through my companies and my books.”

The success of Jorge can be gauged from the fact that he regularly receives emails and telephone calls from hundreds of people who could attain positive changes in their lives by reading his books or attending his speeches. Besides

reading his book, they also made it a habit to watch his videos and listen to his audios and podcasts: Marketing Keys, a podcast on marketing; and Reverse Merger, a podcast about Sandro and Jorge’s adventures in sending their companies public.

It proves Jorge has emerged as a guide and mentor to hundreds of people. Jorge even runs a $300-million market capitalization publicly-traded company and is currently disrupting the trillion-dollar tobacco industry with FMCGs, including hemp cigarettes.

“If you have the right entrepreneurial mindset to start a business and keep failing and learning, you’re on your way to success. My formula is to be a ferocious learner and reader and constantly fail forward,” Jorge Olson explained.

His success story is really inspiring, with the year 2021 being its milestone when he, together with his Sandro Piancone, did a Reverse Merger of Hempacco into Green Globe International. It was done to make the company public. Subsequently, his company clocked a market capitalization of two billion dollars.

Jorge’s success can be an inspiration for hundreds of others, as he struggled hard growing up in Tijuana, Mexico with no electricity or running water. He made his grandmother and mother retire after getting the first paycheck.

In his early days, he would undertake an 8-hour daily journey through public transportation from home to college and back, traversing the Mexico/USA international border. On two occasions, Jorge had to spend the night at school since he had no money to pay the $2 transportation cost.

But he braved all odds to become what he is today: a successful entrepreneur and corporate leader. He is an example of how to become a successful entrepreneur from ground zero, something that future entrepreneurs should learn and follow by going through his books, some of which are autobiographica


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