Learn Through Audiobooks 

Jorge Olson

July 4, 2022

I often talk about adopting new habits, changing old habits, working towards new practices, and not only your goals. A vital habit you might consider adopting this year is listening to audiobooks and learning through audiobooks in your free time. 

It’s easy to learn with audiobooks because you can learn all the time, drive and learn, run and learn, and do laundry and learn. I constantly listen to audiobooks and go through one or two books weekly. I subscribe to Audible (which I highly recommend), but if you can’t spend money, you can go to your local public library and use their free resources. They have tons of free audiobooks!  

I love to read and will read all genres: fiction, non-fiction, self-help, business, and marketing. What do you like to read? Focus on those books first. Starting with the habit of learning and learning through your ear is magnificent with audiobooks. Pick your audiobooks correctly, and I’m not talking about podcasts now. I’m talking about books and courses. That’s a wonderful new habit to adopt. 

“Start now; it will change your life!” 

Five Tips to Enjoy Your Next Audiobook 

Audiobooks are for everybody, even people who claim never to have time to read an entire book. You can usually find some spare time to listen to a story. But listening to an audiobook and internalizing the content are two different things. Here are some tips to help you remember and learn more from audiobooks and have a more enjoyable experience. 

1. Get the Right Book 

If you’re unsure about audiobooks, you can start with a book you have always wanted to read. That way, your brain already knows how badly you want to read this, so it may be easier to stay attentive throughout. 

2. Keep it short 

Don’t spend hours on end listening to an audiobook. Instead, listen to them in short bursts. This way, you won’t have the luxury of saying you got bored. Concentrating on the narration for shorter periods without letting your attention drift is easy. 

Keeping it short will help you get more involved with the story. 

3. Listen while you work 

Take advantage of the time while doing your duties; listen while you’re driving, folding laundry, going for a run, gardening, or doing dishes. Learn something while you’re working; that way, time will go by faster, and you will have learned something at the end of your activity without much effort. 

4. Pick a shorter book to start with or a book with short chapters 

When a book has short chapters, I find it’s easy to say, “I’m going to focus on one chapter and then be done for a bit,” to build on listening to it. Start with little bursts of learning to focus when listening to an audiobook. 

5. Get your perfect Narrator 

A narrator can make or break your audiobook experience—listening to a sample before buying or borrowing your pick is good. Again, tastes vary, so it’s more than possible that a female narrator might throw you off if they don’t fit the story. 


Audiobooks increase exposure to words and vocabulary in a friendly way. It can take a few audiobooks to find the perfect one, so give them a try. Don’t stop at just your first book. Remember, we all learn through our ears. Before we could read, we could hear.  

Some people best retain information when they’re physically reading a book, while others are auditory learners. Everyone is different, so don’t forget to have fun and enjoy every moment.  

Learn Through Audiobooks 

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