Magnetic Personality! Promote Yourself Using Magnets

Jorge Olson

April 14, 2023

No, I will not make you wear one of those small magnets in your ear, neck, or any part of your body—no magnetic earrings, stickers, or shoes. The goal is to use Magnets as a Promotional Tool to attract the right people, attention, and promotion to yourself.

Reader Beware! Magnets can also attract the wrong kind of attention, people, or reaction. This is the trick with magnets; they have two sides. Let’s talk about “Magnet Management,” where you learn how to turn on the attraction side of your magnet and keep the rejection side under control.

You may be asking yourself, “What does Jorge mean by magnets?”  Well, magnets have the power and ability both to attract and repel. You have in your arsenal of “promotion toolbox” many types of magnets. You most likely use some of your magnets but not all. You will recognize and know what they are and how they can be used “for good or evil.”

Magnetic Personality – Is it a good thing?

We’ve all heard the expression of people having a magnetic personality. We always assume this is a good thing, that these people attract others to them. Now we will explore the Magnetic Personality Myth to see how we can use it for self-promotion and, more importantly, how not to use it negatively.

Having a magnetic personality means using specific tools from your Promotional Toolbox to attract or repel people. You might think you don’t have control over your magnetism; it is a personality trait some people have, and others don’t. It is not. Many of your magnets can be turned on and off. They can be used at different times and in different circumstances. They can be used to attract and repel people. Do you want to attract people more often with an upbeat magnetic personality? It’s easy, change your magnets, use the positive magnets, and don’t ever use the negative ones. People will start being attracted to you.

If you are always smiling and happy, making people laugh and making others feel comfortable, people will inevitably want to be around you. You don’t have to be the center of attention; you just have to be happy and try to make others happy. You have to speak with people with an optimistic tone of voice; you have to be understanding and caring. This will start turning you into a lean, mean, magnetic machine!

In contrast, we do things daily that show our negative side, our harmful magnets, which repel instead of attract others. Unfortunately, we use many of these magnets unconsciously when annoyed, in a bad mood, depressed, or when things don’t go our way. We often try to hide our harmful magnets and only use them at home or with our family. That does not work; our family is the center of our magnetism, the center of our promotion. If you don’t wholly attract your family members or immediate circle, you will not be able to go beyond that circle and attract others.  

I have seen marriages end, friendships deteriorate, and family relationships suffer because people choose negative magnets over positive ones. I have heard people say, “This is how I am. I can’t change who I am. Take me or leave me.” And you know what? More often than not, people will leave you. Most people want to be around positive and joyful people.

Think of your magnetism as the forces of gravity in the solar system. You are the sun, bright, extensive, and with tremendous forces of attraction. The sun can’t turn off its gravity and then turn it back on; there would be no more planets to attract, and they would fly away, never to return. Apply this example to your life and your self-promotion. You should not change from attracting and repelling negative to positive. When you are constantly being negative, criticizing others, and snapping, you don’t just make it better by turning on the charm occasionally. One of these days, the planets will fly away, and you will be a lonely sun in the universe with nothing to attract.

We face many situations throughout our day, week, and lives to which we must react. We don’t have time to stop and think and develop sentiments towards someone or something. We just respond quickly. This reaction seems like a split decision, a feeling developed on the spur of the moment. It is not. It reflects how we think, what we carry inside us, how we see life, and ourselves in life. If you are using good magnets and other tools constantly and consciously, you will not react negatively in challenging situations; you will not tolerate that from yourself. You will start seeing a shift in how you see the same problems and get angry with yourself if you react severely or make someone feel bad or uncomfortable. You will be tougher on yourself to be better with others.

Now that you know the different types of magnetic personalities, the ones that attract and repel, it’s time for you to think of your magnets throughout the day; when you are walking, talking, or interacting with others, when you are alone in your car or at home. Think of what you do to attract people, your family, friends, colleagues, and even strangers. Think of what you do to push them away and compensate. Reflect and choose the positive tools of attraction in your life.

Jorge Olson is the author of “The Unselfish Guide to Self Promotion.” This article is a chapter of that book. You can find it today on Amazon.


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