Superman, Lex Luthor, and Self Promotion

Jorge Olson

July 18, 2022

What Can Superman Teach You About Unselfish Self Promotion?

Description: Learn about Self Promotion from a Superhero! Superman and Lex Luthor appear to battle for good and evil, but they do much more. They represent the core values of unselfishness and self-promotion. Learn what strategies they use to succeed in their wicked and righteous plans.

Can Unselfishness and Self Promotion even be placed side by side in a sentence? Aren’t Self Promotion and Unselfishness mortal enemies? A comic book scene comes to mind where the Hero “Unselfish” battles the Villain “Self Promotion” in every month’s comic strip. The villain wants to rule the world powered by desire and greed. The hero wants world peace, prosperity, and happiness for all humankind and takes an oath to protect humanity and the essential universal values of society.

Think of Superman battling Lex Luthor in the comics. Superman stands for everything good and doesn’t do it for fame, fortune, or power. When it is all said and done, he returns to his Clark Kent disguise, avoiding fame or self-promotion. On the contrary, people believe he is weak and a coward.

Superman is an unselfish superhero. His unselfishness started with his adopted parents (no surprise there). If you remember, Superman is not a native of “Metropolis.” He grew up on a farm raised by traditional, honest, and good people. His parents were an elderly couple that instilled strong values. These strong values of hard work, respect, and helping others made Superman unselfish, caring, and responsible. These values he took to his adult life became the “Universal Values” or “Hero Values” we come to know and love in the Superman stories, comics, cartoons, and movies.

I chose Superman in my “Unselfish” example because it is an easy example to understand and relate to. More importantly, I chose him because his “Unselfishness” came from good old homegrown values. Superman or Clark Kent did not have a traumatic experience like other superheroes. He did not have an abnormal life with a single life-changing event that convinced him to be good or do good. His parents raised him to be a good person. This is a worthwhile message to instill in our youth.

On the other hand, Lex Luthor (the villain in the Superman stories) loves attention, money, fame, and power. He is willing to strip others of their freedom, rights, and dreams to achieve self-promotion and self-indulgent goals. He takes Self Promotion to the extreme, to an evil place where he must be the only one on top. Lex Luthor grew up rich and spoiled, thinking he deserves everything and must get it. Lex Luthor is not just the story’s villain; he is the anti-hero, the anti-superman. He believes in a different set of goals, rules, and values.

Unselfish Self Promotion takes Superman and makes him into a self-promoter. Not into Lex Luther, but an “Unselfish Self-Promoter.” Superman wants to save the world, preserve human rights and spread happiness worldwide. What is the kicker? He is even if he does not want to be famous, respected, and liked. Why? Because he is unselfish and that, my friends, is the most significant type of Self Promotion.

Jorge Olson is the author of the self-promotion and personal branding book The Unselfish Guide to Self Promotion. You can read his articles, listen to his teleseminars and podcasts, and watch videos for free at his blog

Superman, Lex Luthor, and Self Promotion

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