Writing a Business Book is Easy if You Are Storytelling

Jorge Olson

July 25, 2022

Writing a Business Book is About Storytelling

How do you write a business book?

Just write your worst stories. Yes, your worst experiences make for great conflict, the backbone of your book, because writing a business book is all about your storytelling.

“You’re the protagonist of your business book, and your storytelling should show your reader, a potential customer, how you do business.”

Writing a non-fiction book, such as a business book, is not complicated; it’s pretty easy in the world of writing and publishing. I’m referring to books about business experiences, marketing, sales, and other related business topics. Writing a motivational book is a bit harder, and an inspirational book hits the scale a bit heavier.

Remember that writing, editing, and publishing are three completely different actions, each with a different timeline and level of expertise. For now, let’s focus on writing the actual business book.

A good business book should have stories. They can be case studies or, even better, your own stories. If you’ve been in business, you surely have stories to tell. Remember, the more conflict, the better. Recounting the worst stories of failure and lessons learned, the better your book will read. Any book, including a business book, must have conflict to be a good book. The book that details “look how easy it was to gain success” is a dull, unbelievable book. If, by luck, all your business ventures went splendidly, with no problems, drama, or ups and downs, then write about personal conflict or your client’s issues.

I know you might not want to air your dirty laundry for all your clients, investors, and prospects to see, and I understand that. However, we’re talking about a book, a form of learning and entertainment, not a corporate brochure. When you write a business book, think of how to keep readers turning the page, wanting to learn what happened next, how the problem was resolved, and what they can learn in the process.

In writing your business book, you may want to consider writing a how-to book, an autobiographical book, or maybe a sales or marketing book. All the same factors apply. You’re a storyteller convincing your reader to read another sentence, another paragraph, to turn the page, the chapter, and because it’s a business book, to call you and do business with you.

I approach my fiction and non-fiction writing the same way. The primary goal is to bring value to the reader. When I can’t bring any more value, then I stop writing. Think of providing entertainment value as well as business concepts and ideas. My business books are just as long as my fiction books, sometimes even longer. My book Build Your Beverage Empire is eighty thousand words, over four hundred pages! The same with my Wholesale MBA and upcoming Leadership book. My book-length is just an example. Remember, I like to write, and it’s my idea of fun. If your goal is to finish a book and use it to market or brand yourself, you can write a thirty to forty-thousand-word book, or around two hundred pages. This will provide the reader with around four hours of learning and entertainment.

I’m going to start publishing more about writing non-fiction and fiction. I like to write and enjoy talking and collaborating with other authors. Writing a book is not hard, but it does take discipline and know-how. I also have a group on LinkedIn called Books and Writers, with more than 100,000 members, and a website called Promocave, where authors can promote their books for free.

How do you write a business book?

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